Will virtual reality casinos become the future of gambling?

Undoubtedly, the traditional PC’s and consoles no longer enjoy the same amount of interest and attention from users after the rapid rise of virtual reality (VR). Interactive gaming systems have the purpose to revolutionize the industry by completely transforming the way individuals play video games. However, it does not stop here because casino owners across the world now wonder if implementing VR technology in the business represents a decision that will bring them closer to success by gaining more popularity. Gambling market experts seem to agree in what concerns the impact of virtual reality on the casino industry, being more beneficial for both costumers and operators, but what does VR actually mean and what type of equipment do you need for it? VR, also known as computer-simulated reality, practically represents new technology that perfectly replicates or copies a given environment. As a user, you have the ability to see and exist in that environment with some wearable items including a pair of VR headsets, headphones and even controllers or treadmill. (more…)

Is virtual reality gambling something worth trying?

Gambling is no longer what it used to be, with online casinos becoming more popular than land-best ones, and the variety of available games increasing with regularity. What has made this type of activity even more appealing lately is virtual reality. Thanks to technological development, forms of entertainment have been tremendously upgraded and that includes gambling. But is VR truly something that can contribute to how enjoyable this type of activity is? Is it something worth trying? Here are a few reasons why so many gaming enthusiasts have embraced virtual reality, and why you should consider doing the same. (more…)

Immerse yourself in the new reality - set up your VR gaming room

Technology is getting more and more upgraded and during the last few years, everyone can say that the gaming industry was entirely revolutionized. Why? The answer is already common to many people: the apparition of Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented reality technologies. The opportunities offered to the large public through these new tech devices are so numerous that couldn’t be listed in just a few words. Surrounding yourself with a digital world where everything is simulated and being transposed to that environment entirely, giving you the possibility of entirely breaking from the routine is something people only used to dream of a while ago. But now that dreams became reality, it is important to know what your options are and how you can capture all the senses in your own room, in the comfort of your own home. (more…)

The Much Needed App For The Slot Players To Emerge As A Winner

In the present times, people have started keeping a good faith on their gadgets as well as related applications, which make the overall task easier and quite simpler in all aspects. Slotguru is one such app that helps the slot player to move to the next level by completely engaging him or her in the slot game for sure. It is a new app in town, which does so by maintaining the much-needed excitement and secrecy. (more…)

Online Casino Market Forecasts: US 9.3 bn. Goal Doomed To Failure?

Morgan Stanley, one of the largest American bank holding companies referred to financial conglomerates class, has recently published the information that according to its research online gaming market will not be able to generate a profit of $5 billion expected by the United States government by the end of 2017. Given the current state of affairs in this area and stagnated profit growth, the online casinos operators will be able to replenish the treasury with the total of $3.5 billion in taxes approximately. (more…)

The cult of money and material pleasures, actively promoted by the modern world, brought gave birth to another vice, often accompanying alcoholism called ludomania, the essence of which is an addiction to gambling (online casino addiction also falls under this term). The main prerequisite for the formation of predisposition to gambling is wrong upbringing in the family that not doesn’t imply interfering with the early involvement of the child in gambling (dominoes, cards).

The lack of attention to the new passion entails a reassessment of the value of property and money, strengthened by the envy for richer people and the belief that all the problems can be solved with money. As an additional risk factor that determines the development of addiction at a mature age is depression and conjugate with it of chemical forms of addiction. That is why it is very important to check the gambling platform for compliance with all responsible gambling standards. More info on online casino addiction is published at nbso.ca online casino website, gambling premium review platform.

The researchers identifiy a number of features that characterize the behavior of the support of gambling addiction:

  • A constant engagement, the time spent on game is growing permanently.
  • A dynamically changing range of interests, ousting former motivations with the gaming one; the mind is focused on the game, the prevalence of situations involving game patterns in the imagination.
  • Loss of control, expressed in the inability to stop gambling after big victories and considerable losses.
  • A state of psychological discomfort, irritation, anxiety, resulting in a relatively short period of time after the next part in the game, coupled with a formidable desire to play again. Such state is nothing more than a break-up; as a rule, they areheadache, sleep disturbance, anxiety, depressed mood, impaired concentration.
  • Characterised by a gradual increase in the frequency of gaming sessions, the desire for a higher degree of risk emerges; a gambler simply cannot stop raising the bar.
  • A declining ability to resist temptation. This is reflected in the fact that, having decided once to give up the idea of playing, the gambler may break a promise and plunge into the world of gambling once again.

Game trans is a mental state, which is comparable to the pharmacological effect of powerful psychoactive substances. The desire to gamble is so strong that the person gradually loses interest in real life. The higher the stakes, the more the trance state knocks out its victim. The higher the hope to win a lot and lose a lot of the risk, the greater the dose of violent emotional experiences. It is a pathological condition resulting gambler to wreck havoc and not banal greed. The fee for such a “game buzz” is huge.

Even though pathological gamblers can stop playing for a while, as they don’t have enough money or there is no chance to get the portion of adrenaline in the area, the pause is broken just when a necessary amount to play for is found. It looks like something blocks their minds and activates the state of trance that makes gamblers think only about the game. Influenced by the strong and irresistible attraction, the gamers are subtly clever and tend to invent a variety of ways to find money for the next game.


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